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Music Production Courses in Chandigarh

Music Production course in Chandigarh,  we offer a hands-on production-based course that is openly in sync with the music industry. Learn Music production courses at Metamorph and become a master in Fl Studio, Cubase, Protools, Ableton, Logic Pro courses. Indian and Punjabi Music industry is full of talented people, but a career in producing music is about more than just talent and dedication. Music production programs at music academy Chandigarh help students gain these valuable skills, prepare them for a career in this exciting music industry. Sound and Music Production, DJ Course program is the best choice you can possibly make to achieve your goals.

Course: Diploma in Music Production & sound engineering
Duration : 3 Month | 6 Months | 12 Months

Eligibility: 12th / High School / Equivalent

Music production & sound engineering both are different from each other. Music production just means making music like melody, chords, beats & music track while sound engineering means mixing & mastering your music; in this, we will use eq, stereo sharpers, delay, compressors, reverb, etc. If you are looking for the best music production courses in Chandigarh & Mohali, then your search ends here. Our music production courses are based on more than 24 years of experience developing unique production techniques at Metamorph Academy. You will learn how to use your creativity in producing music and the fundamentals of the music business.

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India’s Most Advanced College for Sound Engineering and Music Production.

Join our music lessons in Chandigarh for a bright career in the Indian music industry; our music specialists will help you navigate this great journey.

The music Production program will prepare you for these careers:

  • Sound Designer and Music Producer
  • MIDI Programmer
  • Sound and Music Composer
  • Sound & Effects and Dialogue Editor
  • Audio Visual and Multimedia Producer


Understanding Daw (Workflow in Daw). It is simple to create your own songs using modern DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations), from the first draft to the final master. Continue reading to learn about the basic functions of a DAW. Students will gain a professional understanding of the Music Production DAW environment. Our approach to teaching Music Production and Audio Engineering in Chandigarh and Mohlai distinguishes us from other schools. We believe that writing a large number of essays is not the greatest way to understand them; instead, we prefer a hands-on approach. Expect to roll up your sleeves and get deep into creative tasks—remixing, track deconstructions, collaborative projects,

  • Digital Audio Workstations (DAW)
  • MIDI & Electronic Music Technology
  • Audio & Acoustics
  • Hardware Setup & Software Setup
  • Sequencer & Mixer
  • Midi Instruments & Automation
  • Saving & Exporting & The Art of Mixing
  • Monitoring and Signal Processing

Arrangements and Harmony

  • Arrangement Structures
  • Instrumentation and important instruments in a genre
  • Recognition/Analysis/Ear Training
  • Sample Selection based on your genre
  • Layering Samples and Synth sounds
  • FX placement & More complex blues
  • Musical Form & Automation – Filters, Pitch, Time.
  • Building your own FX
  • Basic Music Theory Rules and secrets to help you make melodies easily
  • The Dominant Pedal – Common Applications
  • Bass & Melody
  • An introduction to modes

Instrument Choices for Music- Student can opt for two music instruments from the following instruments in this Music course. You can have a lot of fun making music, but getting a good recording and arrangement of your song requires some work and knowledge at Chandigarh Music Academy 

  • Synthesizer
  • Keyboard
  • Harmonium

Music Production Courses in Chandigarh

Mixing, Mastering, and Recording Course- The mixing process mirrors what occurred during the initial recording. You can begin mixing after you have altered all of the instruments in the mix, set all of the fades, and adjusted the tempo. Mix and master your recordings to commercial standards so that they are ready for release. The most creative mixing and mastering course in Chandigarh is currently available at Metamorph Music Academy. Award-winning artists and Ableton Certified Trainers teach a mixing and mastering course, as well as other music production courses at the Ableton Live School.

The students who wish to indulge themselves in the art of music production should be sure to join the Music School Of Chandigarh.


  • What Is Mastering?
  • Digital Theory
  • EQ & Compression & Practical Dynamics
  • Mastering Different Styles
  • Multi Band Compression
  • Working on Albums, Compilations
  • Editing: Fades, Cross-Fades, Gaps
  • Preparing Master for Pressing Plant
  • Harmonic Excitation / Saturation / Tape
  • Limiter / Dithering / Down-sampling
  • Mastering Audio Process


  • Microphone setup & recording
  • Mono & Stereo techniques
  • Operations of analog mixer
  • Working with audio tracks
  • Recording & formats
  • Basic Sound Editing techniques
  • Sound effects & their uses
  • Setting up of sound production equipments
  • Working with sound & music recording software

Art of Mixing

  • Intro: The Environment
  • Separation in the Mix
  • All About Compression
  • Noise Gate & Reverb
  • Mixing Vocals
  • Creativity with Audio
  • DIY Mastering & EQ, Compression
  • Limiter, Dithering & Hardware/Plug ins

Music Genres


A music producer’s responsibilities include writing, arranging, producing, and recording songs, whether for their own projects or for other musicians. Music producers work in a similar capacity as film directors. They collaborate with all parties involved, including recording artists, session singers, session musicians, sound engineers, and others, to guarantee that the music created is successful.


Music producers might work for a record label or independently (freelance). If they work for themselves, a record company might engage them for a project, or they could release their own music in partnership with other musicians. The Internet and social media have made it more easier to get into the music industry than it was previously.

What is music production? Is it a booming career option in India?

The music industry is full of bright people, but a career in music production requires more than just talent and dedication; you also need strong financial and technical skills, as well as a deep awareness of all areas of the music business. Prepare for a career in music management, publishing, A&R, licensing, marketing, promotion, public relations, and broadcasting. We’ve all heard about the title record producer. The audio technician is a key figure in ensuring high-quality sound. The studio manager is primarily responsible for overseeing and managing the day-to-day activities of a recording studio. Fulfilled solely by people who are informed about music in 2024. Music Production Course in Chandigarh.

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