Video Editing and Film Making Courses in Chandigarh

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Course Overview

Video Editing and Film Making Course in Chandigarh

Video Editing & Composting is a video film editing course in Chandigarh made available from MetaMorphAcademy India, a name this is certainly reputable Video Editing course in Chandigarh. Video Editor and have completed the course from the best Institute in Chandigarh 

Video Editing and Film Making Courses in Chandigarh

Video editing machines use software such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Avid Xpress Pro HD with Mojo, and Final Cut Pro. Students receive feedback on basic computer graphics and sound post-production for video editing. This curriculum in Chandigarh provides academic input on film editing and digital platform experience, enabling students to edit films upon completion of the course.

  • Pre Production– Pre-production, like the filmmaking as a process as a whole, is complicated and can be daunting for independent filmmakers best film making course in Chandigarh
  • Visual Effect – Video editing of different difficulty levels. With this course, begin your VFX training with the fundamentals and go on to master the advanced techniques of VFX artistry. Some of the lectures teach you the basics of cinematography, vlogging, exploring the interface of Adobe premiere Pro among others. VFX Course in Chandigarh  
  • Post Production–  Post Production Courses & Classes in Chandigarh from Post Production Institutes. Students learn to create sophisticated visual effects with in-depth instruction in select software popularly used in the industry

Introduction to Video and Audio Digital Media

  • Basics & Principles of audio and video
  • Learn about Digital and Analogue
  • Color Theory & Color Systems for video
  • Audio and Video File Formats for learning
  • Creating Backgrounds & Energy Oriented Graphics
  • Creating Logos and Identities, Scanning, Storing a
  • Transporting Images and video files
  • Enlargement and Reduction
  • Image Size and File Size
  • Mode and Image Attributes and Objects Transformation
  • Reshaping, Applying Effects, and Filters
  • Layer Concept, Color Correction and Pattern & Texture
  • Case Studies, Tests, and Projects

Audio and Video Editing

  • Non Linear Editing on able
  • Multi-Cam Editing
  • Broadcasting and Film
  • Color Correction in a video files
  • Recording and Capturing of Sounds systems
  • Learn about Audio Synchronization
  • How to Controlling Pitch and Tempo
  • Type Animation and Casting Styles
  • Chroma Keying and effects double
  • Capturing of Video
  • RotoScoping
  • Keying
  • Paint Effects
  • Tracking & Advance Compositing (Action Module)
  • Intro Making, Montage and Promo
  • Organizing Footage
  • Finishing and Outputting
  • Case Studies & Demo Reel

After study about video editing course in Chandigarh, the participant should be creatively and technically competent in order to become a feature that is independent Director. Other career choices to select from are advertisement film making, television program production, screenwriting, production management, distribution or advertising


Audio-Video Editing Course in Chandigarh and Key Highlights

  • Video production, Premiere Pro and Adobe certified experts and instructors offering hands-on editing classes
  • Complete in-depth and thorough Audio-Video editing training with regular practicals to help the candidates gain proper real-world experience rich in industry standards
  • Comprehensive film editing courses material with Audio- Video editing training videos and presentations offered as a part of the classes
  • Job placement assistance & assurance
  • A one- year internship at the end of the course

About Video-Audio Editing Course

The Audio-Video editing certification course in Chandigarh is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of photo, video, and audio editing in preparation for a career in the media sector. These audio-video training schools teach students about editing software, digital vfx effects, and other topics through appropriate and popular industry-relevant courses and programs.

Who should join?

Designing tools training based on Audio- Video editing and other editing-related certification courses are most suitable for the below-mentioned candidates.

  • Candidates who are interested in the field of media
  • Candidates who are willing to join the film industry as an editor working with the cream names in the editing industry or a film studio
  • Professionals with previous experience can also take up an advanced course in audio and video editing to polish their skills, find better jobs

What are the learning benefits?

There are several learning benefits of Audio-Video editing training and certification courses, but the prominent benefits are as follows.

  • Video and audio editing is an excellent personal skill, hence, taking up a course in audio-video training will benefit you in igniting your professional life
  • Media houses, film studios, digital news hubs, etc., are continually looking for candidates who pose a professional certification in audio and video training
  • You will get to earn lucrative opportunities with attractive salary packages as the trend of videos is the future of online media

Audio-Video Editing Course Syllabus

Most of the institutes offering Audio-Video editing training in Chandigarh consists of the following topics and chapters in their course syllabus.

Chapter Topics Covered


Introduction Understanding screenplay Types of cameras and shots Film and video formats Scene composition and visualization


Introduction to Image Editing Introduction to Photoshop RAW file editing Editing functions and methods

Audio Editing Workshops

Working with audios Audio file formats Adding background music Handling transitions Fixing audio issues

Video Editing

Learning AVID + FCP Trimming Usage of Filters Sequence setting Exporting DI process

Digital FX

Introduction to After Effects 2D & 3D Compositing Animation Tracking Color Correction Title Animation

Audio-Video Editing Course Duration

There are a variety of Audio-Video editing training and certification courses available for wishful aspirants who want to take up a career in media houses, film studios and music companies. Mostly, the duration of the Audio-Video editing training in Chandigarh range starts from one month to 3 months.

Audio-Video Editing Certification Cost

The exact fees for different Audio- Video editing training and certification courses depend on a lot of factors like the type of specialization selected, duration of the course, the skill level of the expert faculties and the popularity of the institute. It is wise to check and compare the course fee charged by a couple of institutes before finalizing on anyone. On average, the cost of the Audio-Video editing certification courses starts from Rs. 14,000 approximately.

Job opportunities after Audio-Video editing training in Chandigarh

The following list showcases the list of industries that candidates with expert coaching from one of the leading institutes offering Audio-Video editing certifications can take.

  • Films
  • Television
  • Advertisement Industries
  • Post-production studios
  • eLearning companies
  • Visual FX Studios
  • Game Designing studios
  • Internet Content Providing Companies, etc.

The salary of applicants who are certified in audio-video editing is mainly dependent on their experience. Entry-level audio-video editing jobs typically pay between Rs. 2 lakh and Rs. 6 lakh. However, with adequate experience and exposure of two or more years, employment in audio-video editing pay more than Rs. 10 lakh.


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