Unreal Game Development Course in Chandigarh

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Course Overview

Unreal Game Development Course in Chandigarh

In this course, you’ll learn the fundamentals of game development in Unreal Engine and explore the roles and responsibilities of developers in the game industry. Unreal Game Course in Chandigarh is a comprehensive course comprising game development and design tools training. Unreal Game Course in Chandigarh is mainly used for game development and it is one of the most advanced real-time 3D creation platforms for immersive visuals and experiences. This learning path is a perfect starting point for those looking to jump right into Unreal game course in Chandigarh. Here, you will learn the basics of Unreal Engine and explore a few of the foundational skills needed to develop compelling games. Build something unreal game with Unreal game course in Chandigarh. Unreal Engine is a Gaming Engine packed with most powerful and top ranked design tools for making first class games. With Unreal, you can build any 2D, 3D, AR or VR game. A wide variety of multiple platforms including iOS, Windows, Android, PlayStation VR, Oculus, ps4 and many more. With Unreal game development course in Chandigarh , write code once and then deploy it on the desired platform.

What is Unreal Game ?

Unreal Game Course in Chandigarh refers to video games that are created using the Unreal Engine, a popular game development engine developed by Epic Games. The Unreal Engine provides developers with a powerful set of tools for creating high-quality, 3D games across multiple platforms, including PC, console, and mobile.

The term “Unreal Game” can refer specifically to games that have been developed using the Unreal Engine, such as the Unreal Tournament series or the Gears of War series. However, it can also refer more broadly to any game that utilizes the advanced capabilities of the Unreal Engine, such as realistic physics, advanced lighting, and detailed textures.

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Content of Unreal Game Course in Chandigarh

Duration of Course :- 6 months and 12 months, Eligibility :- 10th and 12th pass

  • Introduction To Unity’s Interface
  • Starting With Unity’s Basics
  • Rigid Bodies And Colliders
  • Audio Source And UI Elements
  • Moving Our Character With Code
  • Introduction To Variables
  • Operations With Variables
  • Functions
  • Conditional Statements
  • Loops
  • Coroutines
  • Monster Chase Game Intro
  • Importing Assets
  • Creating Player Animations
  • Sorting Layers And Order In Layer
  • Creating The Game Background
  • Player Movement
  • Animating The Player Via Code
  • Creating Main Menu
  • Navigating Between Scenes
  • Selecting A Character
  • Static Variables
  • Singleton Pattern
  • Events And Delegates
  • Instantiating The Selected Character
  • Finishing Our Game
  • Player Jumping
  • Camera Follow Player
  • Enemy Animations
  • Enemy Script
  • Enemy Spawner
  • Enemy Collision
  • The Collector Script
  • Unity’s UI System

Benefits of Unreal Game Course in Chandigarh

  • Game Animators conceptualise, design and create incredible graphics, characters and engaging animated environments for games.
  • Game Artists create 2D and 3D visual arts for games, from simple objects and places to highly animated characters.
  • Game Designers oversee everything from the narrative and story of a game to its characters, levels, design, conceptualisation to storylines.
  • Game Producers plan, coordinate and produce the whole game, oversee its budget, investment, licensing and everything else.
  • Game Writers craft the storyline, characters, their evolution, conceptualization to the overall dialogues and writing aspects of a game.
  • Game Testers ensure that the game is ready to be released as they test its every function from playing the whole game, to checking any loopholes in the UX/UI or any errors.


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