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Best Fashion & interior Designing Institutes/Colleges in India

Metamorph fashion institute is the best fashion design institute in Chandigarh, India. MetaMorph is a well-established, reputed, and highly preferred design institute bFashion Academy provides a wide range of courses tailored to your preferences, whether you prefer full-time commitments or weekend schedules, and whether you're interested in long-term or short-term programs. Join our prestigious institution renowned for excellence in Fashion Design, Interior Design, Jewelry Design, and Design CAD education. Explore the dynamic field of design education with us! We are affiliated with esteemed universities, offering a comprehensive Animation Degree course. As an accredited institute, we are authorized to operate WILCOM E3, LECTRA, and Optitex CAD software programs.

If you're looking for the best fashion design colleges/institutes in India to become a creative and successful fashion designer then you're in the right place. At Bfashion Academy - the International Academy for Fashion Designing, we prioritize a balanced approach, combining theoretical knowledge with practical application. This comprehensive learning method positions us as the leading fashion institute in India. Our courses cover various disciplines, including textile designing, interior designing, jewelry designing, Fashion CAD, Digital Fashion e-commerce, and Meta Fashion verse. We aim to offer students the finest courses, preparing them for entry into the style industry while nurturing the aspirations of budding designers aiming for recognition in the glamour world. Our meticulously designed 100% Job Oriented Fashion Design Course equips you with the skills for success in the industry.

Join us in 2024 and embark on a journey of skill enhancement, creativity, and hands-on learning in the dynamic field of filmmaking. We offer Diploma courses that are entirely job-oriented, providing professional training in Fashion and Textile, as well as CAD for Fashion Designs. These courses are available after completing 10th and 12th grades, ensuring a comprehensive educational pathway.

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Fashion Training

Discover the artistry of our fashion training, where skilled professionals transform your look with precision and creativity.

Fashion Designing Course in chandigarh and india

Fashion Designing Course

Fashion design collages in Chandigarh offer programs that teach the fundamentals of fashion creation, from sketching and patternmaking to sewing and draping. These schools can help you develop the skills you need to launch a successful career in the fashion industry.

Interior Designing Course in india chandigarh

Interior Designing Course

Interior design courses at institutes and colleges provide you with the knowledge and skills to transform spaces. You'll learn about space planning, color theory, furniture selection, and creating functional yet beautiful interiors. Interior Designing Courses available in India at metaMORPH Academy.

Jewelry designing course academy india training

Jewelry designing course

Discover the enchanting realm of Jewelry Design in Chandigarh, India, with our CAD-integrated course. Unleash your creativity and technical skills to craft exquisite jewelry pieces. Join us for a comprehensive program that merges design artistry with technological precision.

Textiles design course in india

Textiles design course

Textile design programs teach you to create patterns and graphics for fabrics used in fashion, upholstery, and more. These institutes equip you with the skills for a fulfilling career in the textile industry.

Fashion Cad Design course in india academy global institute

Fashion Cad Design Training

Fashion CAD Design: This field uses computer-aided design (CAD) software to create technical drawings and specifications for garments. These drawings are used by patternmakers, sample makers, and manufacturers to produce clothing. Fashion Designing with CAD Institute In Punjab, India.

Social Media for Fashion course academy in india chandigarh

Social Media for Fashion Training

Social media is a powerful tool for fashion brands to connect with customers, promote their products, and build brand awareness. Social media courses can teach you how to create a successful social media profile, develop a marketing plan, and grow your following.

Meta Fashion Verse designs in india

Meta Fashion Verse Course

The metaverse is a virtual world where people can interact with each other and with digital objects. Fashion brands are beginning to integrate the metaverse into their businesses by creating virtual fashion shows, selling digital clothing, and offering other immersive experiences.

Luxury and Fashion Management course in india chandigarh

Luxury & Fashion Management Course

Luxury fashion management is a field that combines business and fashion. Luxury fashion managers oversee all aspects of a luxury fashion brand, from product development to marketing and sales.

Start and launch your fashion brand course academy in india chandigarh

Start & launch your fashion brand

Turn your passion into a reality! Our fashion business courses provide the roadmap to ignite your creativity and equip you with invaluable industry knowledge. Learn the essentials of building a successful brand, from concept to creation.

Fashion Event Management Course in india chandigarh

Fashion Event Management Course

Our Fashion Event Management Course is designed to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to plan, execute, and manage various fashion events. From fashion shows to product launches, this course explores event management specifically tailored for the fashion industry.

Ai Fashion Integration in Fashion Design Process course in india

Ai Fashion Integration in Fashion Design Process

In our AI Fashion Integration in Fashion Design Process course in India, you'll learn how to harness the power of artificial intelligence to enhance your designs. Ai Fashion Integration in Fashion Design Process course and training in India at Chandigarh.

Generative AI Fashion Art course in india chandigarh

Generative AI Fashion Art Training

Generative AI Fashion Designing Academy in Chandigarh and India offers comprehensive training covering various aspects of the production process. From prompt fashion to Fashion Designing Generative AI, our Fashion CAD Course & Training in Chandigarh, India.

100% job Oriented Professional and skilled courses

India's Top Courses in Fashion Design & Entrepreneurship lead to promising careers in the Fashion Design Industry. Our institute has been awarded as India’s Fastest Growing Fashion Institute and rated among the top fashion design & entrepreneurship colleges. Join us to pursue your passion and embark on a successful journey in the vibrant world of fashion.

Fashion Designing Course academy in chandigarh india

Fashion Designing Course

Fashion Design Courses - Express Your Style or Shape Your Career. There are five different types of courses in fashion design. To become a good fashion designer, it's important to learn this craft thoroughly. Unleash your passion for designing and transform it into a career with BFSAHION India

Degree in Fashion Designing course in chandigarh india

Degree in Fashion Designing Training

Get a degree in fashion designing from top institutes in India, like bfashion academy. Fashion designing is a creative career where you design clothes and accessories. Our degree in fashion design is approved by the government.

Fashion CAD and Meta Fashion Verse course in india chandigarh

Fashion CAD & Meta Fashion Verse Course

The Fashion CAD & Meta Fashion Verse course readies you for a career in fashion. Learn Fashion Designing with CAD in Chandigarh, India. The metaverse is now merging with the fashion industry, offering unique and immersive experiences for fashion brands

Design, Technology and Business course in india morph academy

Design, Technology and Business Training

Discover Design, Technology, and Business training courses in India that focus on innovation and finding solutions to complex challenges. Join top fashion academies and colleges in Chandigarh like Bfashion Academy to learn about tools, approaches, and their impact on business and society.




Module 1 : Unleash your creativity and watch it soar with a range of fashion designing courses

Discover the world of Fashion Design

BFashion presents India's leading courses in Fashion Design and Entrepreneurship, paving the way for rewarding careers in the Fashion Design Industry. Our Fashion Designing Colleges are crafted to guide you toward excellence.

Choose from our range of training programs, including 1-year Diploma, 2-year Advanced Diploma, and Degree in Fashion Designing Institutes. As the top fashion design institute in Chandigarh, BFashion is renowned for its innovative courses, revolutionizing Fashion design colleges.

No. 1 fashion design institute in Chandigarh for its different fashion design courses. BFashion did modernization in the way of Fashion design colleges

BFashion presents India's leading courses in Fashion Design

Module 1 : Give wings to your creativity and let it fly with various fashion designing courses

Fashion Designing and Boutique Management

Fashion Designing and Boutique Management, Prepare to delve into a comprehensive curriculum covering fabric studies to retail management, equipping you for success in the dynamic fashion industry.

  • Sketching and Illustration
  • Pattern Making
  • Draping & Textile Science
  • Construction Techniques
  • Trend Analysis
  • Creating Fashion - Styling & Creative Direction
  • Communicating Fashion - Marketing, Advertisement
  • Topics studied include analysis of materials and fabrics, garment structure, consumer

Discover the top Fashion Designing Courses in Chandigarh, India with bfashion. Begin an adventure into the world of creativity and shape a more dependable, sustainable, and artistic future.

Fashion Designing and Boutique Management course in chandigarh

Module 2 : Start an Exciting New Hobby or Career in Interior Design

Learn, Innovate, and Achieve with the Best Interior Designing Colleges in India. Create your own 3D interior designs for various buildings and master 3D architecture designing. Interior designer courses offer diplomas and degrees after 10th and 12th grades in India. Benefit from experienced architects and interior designers who share their practical industry insights in the classroom. Choose from a variety of part-time courses: a fast-tracked Certificate course, a comprehensive Diploma course, or an advanced PG Diploma course.

Interior designing

Looking for an Interior Designing Course and Training Institute in India that guarantees job placement? Look no further! Our institute offers comprehensive interior designing courses tailored to prepare you for a successful career in the industry.

In the Interior Designing course, you'll gain hands-on experience covering various topics such as Interior Graphics, Furniture Design, Interior Construction, AutoCAD, and Google Sketchup. You'll also have theoretical sessions on subjects like Theory of Materials, Evolution of Design, Interior Foundations, Estimation, E-commerce, English Communication, and Interactive Skills.

Upon completion of the course, our dedicated placement cell will assist you in finding job opportunities in top design firms, architectural firms, interior design studios, and more. Kickstart your career in interior design with us and turn your passion into a rewarding profession, Interior designing courses from the finest colleges and institutes in Chandigarh.

Interior designing course in india met

Module 2 : Start an Exciting New Hobby or Career in Interior Design

3D Interior, Architectural Cad Designing

Embark on a journey to launch your career in Interior Design with our comprehensive course in India. Learn spatial planning, interior styling, project management, and 3D rendering to become proficient in 3D Interior and Architectural CAD Designing.

Our program allows you to work on both residential and commercial projects, enabling you to build a professional portfolio that showcases your skills and creativity. Whether you've completed the 12th or 10th grade, you can pursue a degree in Interior Design in Chandigarh and across India.

Join us to turn your passion for design into a successful career in the dynamic field of Interior Design.

  • Art and interior design.
  • Theory of interior design.
  • Introduction interior designs studio.
  • Sketching and drafting.
  • Computer Graphics
  • Interior construction and structures.
  • Colors and still life.
  • Furniture design & Home furnishing.

Our Interior Design course in Chandigarh utilizes a variety of software to provide comprehensive training. Students will learn Adobe Photoshop, AutoCAD, 3D'S Max, V-Ray, Corona, Revit Architecture, Google Sketchup, and Lumion.

This unique course focuses on Architecture and Interior Engineering Design. Students will gain expertise in various roles including Interior Designer, Interior Stylist, Spatial Designer, Exhibition Designer, Retail Display Designer, and Furniture Dimensions & Placement.

3D Interior, Architectural Cad Designing course in chandigarh india

Module 3 : Join the most advanced 3D Digital Fashion CAD design course

Bfashion provides the finest Fashion CAD Designing Institutes with hands-on experience and real-world projects. Our comprehensive Fashion CAD course includes pattern drafting, modifications, grading, layout management, and much more. Fashion Designing With CAD Institute In Chandigarh. Enroll now in the most advanced 3D Digital Fashion CAD design course.

Become A Digital Age Fashion CAD Designer

Fashion CAD Institutes empower students to showcase their designs from various perspectives, offering a comprehensive 360-degree view of structures. The Fashion CAD Certificate program meets the industry's demand for skilled professionals proficient in advanced Fashion Design computer skills.

Leading Fashion CAD Colleges have transformed the design process significantly, introducing new innovations to the field.

Our program focuses on developing technical clothing design and planning skills, incorporating traditional and CAD-based methods. Students will use software such as Lectra Suite Software, Diamino, 3D Modaris, Adobe Illustrator, Gerber, and Optitex 3D to enhance their skills.

Throughout the course, you'll learn to translate 2D concepts into intricate 3D garments and accessories. By merging cutting-edge techniques with artisanal craftsmanship, you'll cultivate your unique style.

Advanced 3D Digital Fashion CAD design course in chandigarh in india

Module 3 : Join the most advanced 3D Digital Fashion CAD design course

First India’s academy for Digital fashion with metaverse collages

Join India’s pioneering college offering a course on fashion for the metaverse. Learn to craft stories and establish brands in the metaverse for an incredible virtual fashion journey. Dive into the fashion metaverse, design collections, and master creating and testing clothes and accessories virtually. Develop collections rapidly and sustainably in real-time. Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) will revolutionize the way people shop for clothing.

Discover the fascinating fusion of fashion and technology in India and Chandigarh. In this course, you'll delve into the metaverse, virtual fashion design, and harnessing AI for creativity. Explore Web3 concepts and prepare for the future of fashion tech, including 3D printing and wearable tech with IoT. Engage in practical projects for hands-on learning.

  • 3D modeling and animation design tools
  • NFTs and Digital Collectibles
  • Fashion Tech & Understand concepts of metaverse, AR and fashion NFTs
  • AI Generative Design
  • AI-driven Creative Direction
First India academy for Digital fashion with metaverse collages

Module 4 : Design, Technology and Business

Design courses typically aim to prepare students for employment opportunities and are offered at the undergraduate level. If you're passionate about working in the fashion and lifestyle sector, you can specialize in Fashion Design or Branding and Marketing within the Diploma in Design, Technology, and Business. This international program provides training in a prestigious industry with global recognition.

Emerging Technology in Business and Fashion Design

Social media for fashion : Leverage social media for fashion: craft your digital professional image, swiftly gain digital skills, and propel your career in the fashion industry.

Media editorial fashion styling course: your first step to get into the fashion industry, learn how to be a stylist for magazines & fashion companies

Ai fashion integration in fashion design : Explore AI fashion integration in fashion design: Enhance and refine your designs with artificial intelligence. Learn to leverage various techniques and technologies. We offer customized professional training courses tailored for companies in the fashion industry.

Start & launch your fashion brand : Kickstart your fashion brand with our course on creating your fashion business in India. Learn the essentials of fashion entrepreneurship, ignite your creativity, and gain invaluable industry knowledge to embark on the path toward launching your own fashion venture.

Emerging Technology in Business and Designs fashion in india

Module 4 : Design, Technology and Business

Jewelry Design with CAD

Bfashion Jewelry Designing Colleges is renowned as the best in the industry for Jewelry Designing. Learn the theories behind jewelry design with Bfashion and kickstart your career as a jewelry designer in Chandigarh.

You'll acquire practical skills in jewelry artistry to kickstart your journey in jewelry design. Our course will equip you with the necessary skills to create jewelry, shoes, bags, and hats, covering both style and technical production know-how.

They teach both basic and advanced techniques in CAD, CAM, and manual jewelry design with a strong focus on hands-on learning. This helps you turn your creative ideas into beautiful jewelry designs and prepares you for a successful career in this field. It's considered a top institute for Jewellery Designing in Chandigarh.

Jewelry Design with CAD courses in India

Personal Image Fashion Styling Course

Experience a unique journey into the world of Fashion & Lifestyle. Earn a prestigious Fashion Styling Foundations Certificate that will elevate your profile, resume, and portfolio. Start your journey to success today!

Uncover Your Personal Style: Dive into discovering and cultivating your individual style by crafting themed mood boards.

Learn Dressing Techniques: Gain insights into various body shapes and facial features to determine the most flattering clothing and accessories for each unique figure.

Trend Analysis Skills: Master the art of visually communicating new fashion trends and meeting the needs of future clients by creating stylish looks.

Fashion Web/E-commerce Styling: Boost your creativity by engaging in simulated e-commerce fashion styling projects. Understand the target audience and effectively communicate visually for each project.

Stay Up-to-Date with Trends: fashion. Enroll in our Personal Image Fashion Styling Course in India, Chandigarh, and unleash your creativity.

Personal Image Fashion Styling Course in chandigarh in india

Fashion, Makeup, Modelling and Film, TV Acting Course

Discover the Fashion, Makeup, and Film Acting Course certifications offered by Morph, the best Acting Institute in Chandigarh.

At our Fashion and Styling Academy, we offer comprehensive training that includes makeup courses to nurture and produce the most skilled and beautiful makeup artists.

Enroll in our Fashion & Creative Makeup Course to gain specialist skills in creative makeup for media, film, television, theatre, and fashion in Chandigarh.

Acting classes in Chandigarh is the platform where you can make your career in Fashion Industry with modeling.

Modeling fashion course Enhance your modeling skills and learn the intricacies of the fashion industry in this comprehensive modeling course.

Our Makeup artist Course in Chandigarh provides in-depth knowledge of latest makeup techniques and trends, courses for Make Up, Beauty, Nail Art, Hair styling, Micro blading, Eyelash extension and more. Join now!

Fashion, Makeup, Modelling and Film, TV Acting Course

Start your own business in education sector with Institute of Design & Technology

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Degree & Diploma Courses

Fashion | Interior | Graphic | Jewelry | Fashion CAD | AI Fashion

International University Progression

De Montfort University
London College of Fashion
Logo Nottingham Trent University

Franchise Support


  • Assisting in site visits
  • Analysis of & guidance on proposed location
  • Issuing a customized interior design manual
  • Inauguration support & guidance
  • Vendor Tie-Ups

Marketing Advice

  • Drafting Publication/Editorial
  • Advertisement in local media
  • Social Media Advertisements
  • Artworks & Designs


  • Assistance in recruitment and training of complete staff
  • Technical training to teachers & counselors
  • Regular meets with principals & directors
  • Assistance in recruitment of college staff
  • On-call support to school staff in day to day working


  • Continuous hand-holding for basic operational issues
  • Regular R&D of curriculum
  • Creating support application for easy management
  • Query handling by designated manager
  • Web and Social media

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Scope of fashion education in India and Abroad

B.Voc in Film Making & Direction in India

B.Voc in Film Making & Direction

Earn your Degree in Film Making & Film Direction in Chandigarh, India. Our comprehensive course covers Photography, Screenplay, Editing, Cinematography, Direction, Sound Design, and Acting features. It's the best BVoc Visual Media & Filmmaking course in India, with job opportunities in Punjab and Mumbai.

B.Voc in Beauty & Wellness in  Chandigarh

B.Voc in Beauty & Wellness

The B.Voc course in Beauty and Wellness offers access to a variety of exciting career opportunities, including skills and professional courses like hair styling, skincare, manicure, makeup, beauty, and cosmetology. Morph is the top choice acting institute for aspiring actors worldwide.

B.Voc. in Journalism & Mass Communication in India

B.Voc. in Journalism & Mass Communication

Earn your Degree in Journalism & Mass Communication in Chandigarh. This course covers the study of mass media constituents such as radio, newspapers, magazines, cinema films, and television. The B.Voc. Journalism and Mass Communication course is ideal for those aspiring for a successful career in this sector.

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Indeed, the government has certified every one of our courses.

Indeed, our organization holds the ISO Certification accreditation.

The statistics and global research report that the job demand in the field of fashion has great potential in the coming years. Jobs in specialized Design Firms are expected to increase in the coming years.

Many Fashion Design courses are available for enrollment following your 10 / SSLC, although it is generally advised to finish your Plus 2 / 12 before enrolling in a specialist course.

The field of fashion design is highly creative. There are many different courses and job opportunities available. You can enroll in the appropriate course that best suits your needs.

Please contact us and our course coordinator will guide you to choose the best option for you.

A fashion designer has an abundance of opportunities. Upon completing the course, you can pursue a career as a professional fashion designer or fashion merchandiser. Additionally, you can join the Production or Quality Control departments. You can pursue your profession at Fashion Export Houses Design Studios, Fashion Buying Houses, etc., or you can work with a reputable fashion designer. The apparel industry offers countless opportunities.

Discover Your Passion for Beauty and Make-up Today!

Fashion designing course in india
Course Name: Fashion Designing Course in Chandigarh
Duration: 3 Months & 6 Months Certificate Course, 12 Months & 18 Months Diploma Fashion Illustration & CAD (3 Months)
Timings: 09:00 am to 11:00 am, 11 am to 1.00 pm, 2pm to 4:00 pm, 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm
Batch Days: Monday – Friday
Mobile No: +918427023322, +918427123322, 0172-461-2244
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