Animation Placement in Chandigarh Morph Academy offers 100% Placement Assistance to all its students. The institute takes efforts to help students get placed across various verticals in the industry. The placement assistance that Morph Academy offers do not restrain to any particular duration. The institute even helps the student to build their careers throughout their life.

How Exactly Do We Help Our Students?

  • Rigorous Training Sessions to make the students Job-Ready.
  • Regular Interaction with Industry by conducting Workshops.
  • Arranging Industrial Visits on a regular basis to understand best practices from the industry.
  • Case- Studies
  • Group Discussions
  • Different Types of Mock interviews to develop the ability of the student to face interviewers.
  • Group Activities to develop ‘Team-Player’ attitude.
  • Alumni Events to build a strong network of industry corporates.
  • Counselling Sessions for students to identify weak areas and then devising methods to work on them.
  • Developing Resumes and Cover Letters that are highly effective.
  • Improving Communication Skills
  • Keeping Students Updated about Industry on a continuous basis.

Eligibility Criteria for Placements:

  • The Student should meet all attendance norms decided by Morph.
  • All the assignments should be submitted on time by the student.
  • All the fees should be paid in full amount. Students should have no outstanding amount to be paid to the Institute.
  • The Student should obtain minimum marks as decided by the Institute.
  • The Student should not be in possession of any property of the Institute.
  • The Student should have registered for the placement process and completed it.
  • The Student should have submitted all the forms and documents related to the placement process.
  • The Student should meet all the criteria set by the Interviewing Company (if there are any fixed by the company).

Upon meeting all of these criteria, the student will be given a minimum number of opportunities (to face the interviews).

Placement Process – for Institute:

  • Records of all the eligible students should be maintained and updated regularly.
  • Registrations Procedures of all students appearing for placement process should be complete.
  • All mock interviews and group discussions should be completed for the students.
  • The Placement Training has to be completed by the student.
  • One-to-One Counselling and Feedback Sessions for students must be completed.
  • Maintain a Database of a list of students placed with all the details like Company Name, Designation, Location, Package Offered, etc.
  • Database for Morph Academy Alumni must be maintained and updated regularly.
  • Database for all corporate tie-ups must be updated from time to time.
  • Records for all the submitted documents should be maintained.

Placement Process – for students:

  • Registering and Signing the Placement Form.
  • Submitting the Form, Documents, and Resume Prints.
  • Attending Placement Workshops and Technical Training.
  • Attending a minimum number of Group Discussion & Mock Interviews.
  • Feedback and Improvement
  • Actual Interviews

Mock Interviews – Prototype

All the mock interviews must be conducted in an environment with minimum disturbance. An Interview Panel must ideally have three members. At least one of them should be an expert in the technical area.

Placement Track Record:

97% Placement Record Achieved Last Year

Things to observe in a candidate during the interviews:

  • Does the Student Knocks while entering?
  • If the student is well dressed or not?
  • Does the student wait until he/she is offered a seat?
  • Body language of the student while answering questions.
  • Does the student listen to the questions correctly?
  • Does he interrupt when someone else is speaking?
  • Technical Knowledge of the student.
  • Confidence exhibited by the student during the interview process.