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Logic Pro Course in Punjab

Logic Pro Course in Punjab and Chandigarh, Fully compatible with Logic Pro X and Music Productions course in Chandigarh  gives students a thorough grounding in essential music production skills. If you are serious about becoming a producer or sound engineer, then it is crucial to master these skills before you can progress further. Morph Academy has created a course for such budding Engineers and Musicians.It has been designed keeping practical application in mind.World renowned Apple offers its own music DAW known as Logic Pro which sets the platform for digital audio workstations, both on the Mac systems and overall. After covering the absolute basics of digital audio production and sound recording, we’ll dive deeper into each topic.

Course Content -Logic Pro Course in Chandigarh


Setup and Navigating through Logic Pro
Record and Edit MIDI
Building a track out from nothing
Import and search loops
Mixing and Mastering in Logic Pro
Music Production street smart techniques
Learn how to record and edit audio to a professional standard in less time than any other DAW (because Logic Pro is super easy to use).
Mastering in Logic Pro


Introduction and setting up Logic Pro
Making Music with Apple Loops
Making music with MIDI
Recording Audio
Mixing in Logic Pro
Spend less time fighting with the DAW and more time focusing on the music.
Discover the quickest and easiest ways to write music in Logic Pro.



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