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Web Designing Course in Chandigarh

Enroll at MetaMorph Academy Chandigarh for a highly focused and practical Web designing course in Chandigarh, designed to prepare you for employment opportunities. Benefit from the guidance and expertise of industry professionals. Enroll in the 2024 Diploma in Web Designing & Development to take coaching programs for web designing and development. The Web Design Courses in Chandigarh are designed to meet the requirements of the industry, entrepreneurs, and professionals, ensuring that students have exposure to current web trends in 2024-25. MetaMorph Academy is a prominent and autonomous institute in Chandigarh that specializes in providing tutoring for web design and web development. We provide a comprehensive selection of diploma and certificate programs in Web Design and Web Development, together with guaranteed job placement support, in Chandigarh and its surrounding areas. Our institute provides rigorous instruction in the fields of web design and web development. Parallax scrolling, infographics, and material designs are exemplary examples. Web design and web development are rapidly growing career options. In 2024, the creation of responsive websites that are designed for desktops, tablets, and mobile devices is highly important. Distinguishing between a transient craze and a long-lasting market trend is crucial to prevent your website from seeming outdated within a span of three months. As we approach the end of 2023, I have identified some rising themes that I believe will continue to exert significant influence in 2024. The Web Designing Training in Chandigarh is a comprehensive and exclusive course that covers all aspects of web designing and development. This course includes topics such as Web Designing, UI Development, Flash Designing, Responsive Web Designing, E-commerce web development, and Digital Marketing. A profession in web design in India. Compendium of web design schools and institutions in India. Module 1 focuses on graphics, web designing, and mobile UI designing.

Photoshop Course

  • Working with Bitmap/Raster Graphics
  • Web Templates, Mobile app UI
  • Application interfaces
  • Designing a web and print Advertisement Media
  • Designing of logos and icons
  • Better authentication patterns
  • Neon on Neon in Print Design
  • Symbols and Pictograms in Brand Design

Illustrator & Coral Draw Course

  • Working with vector graphics
  • Create own graphics with help of line drawings
  • 3-dimensional illustration
  • The continued rise of brutalism
  • Working with Print Media
  • DTP Courses
  • More depth / Flat design 2.0
  • Superimposed Over Images
  • Extreme size (large and small)
  • Intrinsic web design
  • Creating animated contents for web and motion graphics
  • Animated web banners and advertisement.
  • Audio & Video using in Flash
  • E-Presentations for web
  • E-learning– content development
  • Building a website in Flash.
  • Abstract and Arty Illustrations and Backgrounds

Web Development with Dreamweaver. On the surface, Dreamweaver is an IDE . That means, it’s a piece of software that combines different tools to make web design and development easier. Student beautiful, interactive client-facing websites using HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and   JavaScript. Slider with cool transitions, video support, categorized portfolio page, blog section and a contact page with form and Google Maps, it is all at your disposal. All you need to do is to download the template and get things moving forward in the right direction.

HTML5 Course

  • Getting Started With HTML5
  • Scrolling to elements
  • HTML 5 for Multimedia, Graphics
  • HTML5 Applications using Java Script & Jquery
  • Geolocation & Form Validation
  • New Semantic & Structural Elements
  • Relaxed Attribute Syntax
  • Cross-document Messaging the Origin Concept

CSS3 Course

  • Working with CSS & CSS3 Rules
  • Special effects with CSS3 like text effects, transformations, Transition, animation & Interfaces, CSS3 Pseudo-classes
  • Display and Visibility, Browser compatibilities,
  • Designers who want to expand their skill set into HTML5 and CSS3

Java Script Course

  • Intro to Java Script, Basic Syntax Used in Java Script
  • Basic syntax, data types, control, Structures & functions
  • Event Handling in JavaScript
  • Using Java Script in Realtime, Flow Control Structures
  • CSS & HTML implementation with JavaScript

JQuery Course

  • Basic syntax, data types, control, Structures & functions
  • jQuery Autocomplete
  • jQuery UI Accordion Widget
  • jQuery animation and advanced effects
  • Manipulating page elements with jQuery
  • DOM Traversal and Manipulation
    jQuery Core API Documentation
  • Delaying and Chaining Animations
  • Coding Activity: Creating an Image Gallery with Lightbox Preview

Responsive web designing training that is designing resize, navigate and scroll across an array of devices. From desktop computers to laptops, smart phones to ipad, responsive design really helps to have environment that is user-friendly. The initiative will be carried over to 2019, requiring web designers to give priority to the mobile version of websites. The Advanced Certification Web Designing Course in Chandigarh is 100% practical that encompasses all the essentials of web responsive design. Flexbox will redefine responsive grid systems. According to statistics, the visual effect of the illustration on the user is 7 times better than that of ordinary photography.

Responsive Web Design Course

  • Responsive Design Fundamentals
  • Media Attribute and Media Type Concepts
  • The Ever-Expanding IoT
  • Screen resolution CSS3 Pixel Vs. device pixel
  • Stretchable Surfaces
  • Learn How Your Visitors Use Mobile
  • Dual Displays –
  • Data storytelling
  • Standardisation between design tools
  • Touch Screens Galore
  • Browser Testing & Mobile Testing

Twitter Bootstrap (Responsive Technique)

  • Learn and understand bootstrap framework
  • Responsive Frame Work: Grid System and Bootstrap
  • Bootstrap 4 , You will learn to use bootstrap by getting experience from the project
  • Materialize CSS
  • Moved from Less to Sass.
  • New color schemes & New utility classes
  • Bbuilt on flexbox
  • Semantic UI

Course in PHP – PHP is used by over 83% of all the websites who use a server-side programming language. Powerful dynamic visual processing 2019

  • Prerequisites for PHP (PHP/MySql/Apache)
  • Server Side vs. Client Side
  • Setting up development environment
  • Where to write a code & how to execute
  • Google’s Sustainability advice page
  • Creating Web Feature (Email, File Uploading and Downloading)
  • Database Connection and Query
  • Cookies and Session
  • Implement Ajax , JQuery, XML into your Application

PHP Frameworks

  • Object Oriented Design Pattern (MVC & MVP)
  • Frameworks & Libraries
  • Paypal PaymentGateway Integration
  • Facebook API Integration
  • Responsive Web Design using Bootstrap framework
  • Project ­ Advanced Features, SMS Gateway Integration

Working with Open Source Ready made Systems

Digital Marketing Course in Chandigarh –MetaMorph Academy provide the best Digital Marketing Course in Chandigarh, Punjab India. We provide 100% practical training with job assistance and cover all the topics like Digital Marketing Strategy, SEO, SMO, ORM, PPC and SEM (Pay per click).

Digital marketing is the strategy and processes that connect advertiser with there audience across Digital Channels. The digital channels include Display, Search, Mobile, Video etc. Digital Marketing especially determined to measure the success of campaigns. Several of user engagement can be tracked such as impression, Clicks, Websites traffic, Leads, and actual purchases.

  • Search engine optimization
  • Google Webmasters Tools
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Linkedin Marketing
  • Pinterest Marketing
  • Lead Generation Strategy
  • Blog Marketing
  • Video Creation Tools
  • Google Adwords
  • Mobile Marketing tools
  • Remarketing
  • Mobile Application SEO
  • Bing tag manager
  • Earn Online Through Affiliate Marketing
  • Bing analytics
  • Optimizing For Google, yahoo and MSN
  • Website Planning and Creation Overview
  • Google Analytics
  • Twitter Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Email Marketing
  • Youtube Marketing
  • Online Display Advertising
  • Shopping Advertisement
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Bing Search Engine
  • Bing webmaster
  • Automation for digital marketing
  • Certified Course in Google Adwords(PPC)
  • Facebook Paid Marketing
  • Web Analytics & Analytics for Digital Marketing
  • Fantastic Text Animations
  • Effects and preset controls
  • Layer effects and layer properties
  • Audio and video control
  • YouTube video creation
  • How to earn money from YouTube
  • YouTube elearning video
  • Create professional motion graphics and animations

Live Project with job for web designing, how to start own web business. In this course you learn how to set up your creative business. No matter what you sell – we cover it all.You learn how to set up your own website, add a store to your site, do the “right” content marketing by adding the content your audience needs, wants and searches for.You learn how to market your creative and digital products on various sites. Beside that I’ve included a part about pricing your products, content marketing and social media marketing – from Twitter over Facebook to Pinterest. Beside that, even if you just decided you want to become a digital designer – this course is yours because I have also included a complete guide on Gimp. To become an industry ready web designer, join our job oriented course after 12th 2019

  • Hosting and Domains
  • Publishing (FTP & Testing)
  • Live website ( every students)
  • Portfolio management
  • CV Development

Entrepreneur in web business

  • How to Start a Web Business
  • Facebook, Twitter & YouTube Marketing Techniques
  • How to Market Your Web Business
  • Online Business Development
  • E-Commerce, ebay
  • upwork,
  • Freelancer
  • Get the training you need to stay ahead with expert-led courses on Web Design Business
  • Applications developer.
  • Games developer.
  • Multimedia programmer.
  • Multimedia specialist.
  • SEO specialist.
  • UX analyst.
  • UX designer.
  • Front-End developer
  • Web content manager.


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