Film Making Courses in Chandigarh

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Film Making Courses in Chandigarh

Filmmaking Courses in Chandigarh As with all MetaMorph Film Academy classes, each student creates, directs, shoots, and edits his or her own series of short film projects utilizing high-definition digital video, film lighting kits, and digital editing software. Filmmaking is an exciting and creative field that can lead to a fulfilling career. If you’re interested in learning filmmaking in Chandigarh, here are some institutes offering courses and training, Classes in directing, writing, editing, cinematography, and production address the creative and technical aspects of creating a story through moving images. Learn filmmaking, acting, film direction, camerawork, and scriptwriting. Make a film with us in an outside area. A 100% job-oriented filmmaking course in Chandigarh. 2024

We offer courses in Film Direction, Branding & Advertising Film Production, Cinematography, Film Editing, VFX & Animation, Sound Engineering, Still Photography, Screen Acting, Dubbing, Screenplay writing, Color Grading and Film Production Management.  

Film Making Courses in ChandigarhLearn on the Live Film Projects by the Industry Experts!

MetaMorph, a top film-making institute in Chandigarh and Punjab, offers high-quality education to prepare students for success in the media and film industries. Filmmaking is a fine arts course that teaches scriptwriting, directing, shooting, sound recording, editing, lighting, production control, and screening. MetaMorph Academy offers film direction courses and seminars within its film school. We are the greatest filmmaking institute in India. Learn filmmaking in Chandigarh from one of India’s top film colleges. With an unequaled approach to hands-on, interactive learning, students are fully involved in their course of study from day one. Become a Film Making Expert with Specifically Designed Film Making Courses.

In this one-of-a-kind Diploma Course at MetaMorph Academy learn the nuts and bolts of film-making from start to finish.

Our Film Making Course in Chandigarh offers comprehensive training for aspiring filmmakers. From scriptwriting to post-production, students will learn every aspect of the filmmaking process. With a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical exercises, this course equips students with the skills needed to bring their cinematic vision to life.

film making and direction acting course in chandigarh

Course Content:

  1. Introduction to Filmmaking:
    • Overview of the filmmaking process
    • Understanding different roles in filmmaking
    • Introduction to industry-standard equipment
  2. Scriptwriting:
    • Fundamentals of storytelling
    • Developing a screenplay
    • Script formatting and structure
  3. Pre-Production:
    • Planning and organizing a film shoot
    • Casting and auditions
    • Location scouting and set design
  4. Directing:
    • Directing actors and crew
    • Shot composition and framing
    • Visual storytelling techniques
  5. Cinematography:
    • Camera operation and techniques
    • Lighting principles and setups
    • Shooting on different formats (digital, film)
  6. Sound Design:
    • Importance of sound in filmmaking
    • Recording techniques
    • Sound editing and mixing
  7. Editing:
    • Introduction to editing software (e.g., Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro)
    • Basic editing techniques
    • Advanced editing concepts (montage, continuity editing)
  8. Post-Production:
    • Color grading and correction
    • Visual effects and compositing
    • Sound editing and mixing
  9. Distribution and Marketing:
    • Understanding distribution channels
    • Marketing strategies for independent filmmakers
    • Film festivals and networking opportunities

Software covered

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Premiere
  • Audition
  • Final Cut Pro™

VFX and Motion Graphics courses

  • Superimposing & Compositing
  • Animating a Clip
  • Applying Video Effects
  • Liquids and Dynamic Simulation in VFX
  • Tracking and Match moving in VFX
  • Chroma Keying
  • Montage and Promo 

Software covered

Final Film Making and Acting Project & Portfolio Design

We offer courses in Film Direction, Branding & Advertising Film Production, Cinematography, Film Editing, VFX & Animation


Our Film Making Course in Chandigarh provides hands-on training and guidance from industry professionals, ensuring that students are well-prepared for a career in filmmaking.

Digital Short Advertisement Films

Students will create short advertisement films, applying their knowledge of direction, screenwriting, cinematography, and post-production techniques. These films will demonstrate their ability to convey messages effectively through visual storytelling, capturing the attention of target audiences.

Direction & Screenwriting

Through practical exercises and workshops, students will refine their skills in direction and screenwriting. They will learn how to develop compelling narratives, create engaging characters, and bring their stories to life on screen.

Cinematography & Post Production

Students will delve into the art of cinematography, mastering camera techniques, lighting setups, and composition to create visually stunning imagery. In post-production, they will learn editing, color grading, and visual effects to enhance the overall look and feel of their projects.

Short Animation Movies Incorporating Sound Effects, Rendering, etc.

Using animation software, students will produce short animated movies, integrating sound effects, rendering, and other technical elements. They will explore various animation styles and techniques to convey their artistic vision effectively.

Remix Soundtrack by Using All the Special FX

Students will experiment with sound design and music production, remixing soundtracks by incorporating special effects. This exercise will showcase their creativity in manipulating audio elements to enhance the mood and atmosphere of their projects.

YouTube Channel Creation

Students will learn how to create and manage their own YouTube channels, understanding the nuances of content creation, audience engagement, and monetization strategies. They will develop their brand identity and produce content tailored to their target audience.

Freelancing & Earning

Through guidance and mentorship, students will explore opportunities for freelancing in the industry. They will learn how to market their skills, negotiate contracts, and manage client relationships to generate income as freelance filmmakers.

Placement Guidance

The course will provide placement guidance and support, helping students identify job opportunities, prepare for interviews, and build professional networks within the industry. Alumni connections and industry partnerships will also be leveraged to facilitate job placements and career advancement.

  • Short animation movies incorporating sound effects, rendering, etc.
  • Remix soundtrack by using all the special FX
  • YouTube Channel Creation
  • Freelancing & Earning
  • Placement Guidance

Film Making, 3D Animation, and Visual Effects punjab

Scope of Film Making in India and Abroad

  • There are plenty of jobs for aspiring filmmakers with leading production houses in various capacities.
  • They can become freelancers and direct their own documentaries and serials.
  • Some of the positions that are up for the grabs include Production Coordinator Camera Trainee Editing Trainee Visual Effects Producer Cinematographer Storyboard Editor Assistant Director Junior Artiste
  • Large gains for OTT in 2022: With theatres likely to remain empty for longer, more producers may release films on OTT platforms

Top Film Making and Direction course in India

After completing film making courses in India, graduates can explore various job opportunities in the thriving Indian film industry as well as related fields. Some of the job roles available include:

  1. Film Director: Directing films across genres, overseeing the creative vision, and managing the production process from pre-production to post-production.
  2. Cinematographer/ Director of Photography (DOP): Capturing visual elements, lighting setups, and camera techniques to convey the director’s vision effectively.
  3. Screenwriter: Crafting compelling screenplays for films, television shows, web series, and other visual media platforms.
  4. Film Editor: Editing raw footage into cohesive narratives, refining pacing, and integrating visual and sound effects to enhance storytelling.
  5. Sound Designer/ Mixer: Creating and manipulating audio elements, including dialogue, music, and sound effects, to enhance the overall auditory experience of films.
  6. Production Designer/ Art Director: Designing sets, props, and costumes to create the desired visual atmosphere and aesthetic for films.
  7. Assistant Director (AD): Assisting the director in various aspects of production, including scheduling, coordinating, and managing on-set activities.
  8. Visual Effects (VFX) Artist: Creating digital effects, animations, and CGI elements to enhance the visual appeal and realism of films.
  9. Animator: Producing 2D or 3D animations for films, advertisements, and other visual media projects.
  10. Film Producer: Overseeing the financial and logistical aspects of film production, including budgeting, fundraising, and distribution.
  11. Film Critic/ Reviewer: Analyzing and evaluating films for publications, websites, or media outlets, providing insights and opinions on cinematic works.
  12. Film Marketing and Distribution Executive: Promoting and distributing films to audiences through various marketing channels and platforms.



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