Cinematography Course in Chandigarh

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Course Overview

Cinematography course in Chandigarh

Metamorph is a well-known Professional Cinematography Training Institute in Chandigarh that aims to improve your cinematography skills and give you with a platform to explore new concepts in cinematography.

Metamorph’s cinematography course is valued among the best Cinematography Programmes in India. After completing the course in cinematography, a student will have acquired the ability and confidence to assist, any cinematographer / Videographer; both in film and television. Starting off independently will also be an option, depending on the right opportunity at the right time. You work in a team as a cinematographer, under the guidance of faculty who not only impart technical skills, but also help you capture the visuals required for the script in the most artistic way.


Film Making Diploma in Chandigarh

Metamorph Academy is a leading digital photography institute that offers certified programs in Video graphy and Photography.

Our unique film programs are tailored to a new generation of storytellers. Students are fully involved in their studies from the start, thanks to unrivaled access to interactive and practical learning opportunities. The classes are delivered by experts in a real-world setting with cutting-edge facilities and technology.Learn the art and science of digital cinematography and lighting at the Best Cinematography Institute in Chandigarh. Metamorph offers a creative environment that challenges, inspires, and develops the talents of aspiring cinematographers through an intensive curriculum. Whether our cinematography students are looking to establish a new life path as cinematographers or are already experienced and want to upgrade their skill set, our courses in the fundamentals of exposure, composition, set-etiquette, and lighting will challenge them to achieve new proficiency by the end of the year.

Course Content

Cinematography Course in Chandigarh

  • Cinematography
  • Camera and Human Eye
  • Still Camera / Motion Picture Camera
  • Photosensitive Material
  • Video Editing
  • Creating Mood in Lighting
  • Composition & Camera Movement
  • Understanding the Equipment
  • Special Effects
  • Understanding the Laboratory Process
  • Post Production : Lab, Telicine, Scanning & Recording
  • DI – Digital Intermidiate, DCP – Digital Cine Pakage
  • Elements of Video Production
  • Types of Video Camera
  • Image Quality Control
  • Lighting for Video
  • Video Recording & Time Code
  • Video Production Practice
  • Electronic Visual Effects

Cinematography students experience a full fledged training in cinematography from the basics till advanced, giving them the confidence to join the industry and handle projects. The specialization allows the student to be the lead cinematographer for a short film project, which would be written and directed by fellow students, with film direction as specialization.

Course is designed to teach you the ins and outs of professional cinematography – the art of making motion pictures.

Who is the target audience?”

  • Anyone wanting to shoot better videos with their camera
  • Anyone wanting to make money by shooting videos
  • Anyone wanting to work in the film industry as a cinematographer
  • Anyone wanting to use cameras like a professional cinematographer
  • This course is not for people who aren’t interested in making better videos

Certification in Cinematography & Lighting 2024-25

We have Certificate and Diploma Courses in Cinematography & Lighting for 6/12 months with 100% Placement Assistance & Internship Option. Our courses are Flexible & Customized, Regular Weekdays & Weekend, Full-Time / Part-Time Batches are available.

This curriculum teaches students the academic and practical abilities required for visual storytelling in films, TV shows, and online series. Students collaborate on several projects. Metamorph is committed to providing aspiring cinematographers with the necessary professional abilities to work in the industry.


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