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Painting Course in Chandigarh

Painting is the technique of applying color in specific ways with the use of brushes to produce artwork. Painting can be done manually with paintbrushes and can be done digitally on computers on nearly any surface.

In our Metamorph Academy, we also provide courses like Painting, Poster painting, Watercolor painting so that students enhance their drawing skills & do something creative in their field. The ability to quickly record impressions through sketching and paintings has found varied purposes in today’s culture. Different kinds of Paintings Techniques which are helpful to enhance your abilities to do skill work in painting course

• Poster painting
• Watercolor painting
• Acrylic painting
• Texture painting
• Spray Painting
• Wall paintings
• T-shirt, Fabric paintings
• Live Paintings on Youtube ie.Online/Offline Poster painting

Distemper paint, such as poster paint, typically has glue size or gum-water as its binder. It is available as powder or in big jars or bottles. In school art classes, this often usually a “cheap” paint.

Watercolor paintings

Watercolor painting is usually done on the paper. In this particular type of painting, one uses water based solutions to mix the colors and hence the name watercolor paintings.

Acrylic paintings                                        

Acrylic painting is the greatest option if you want a painting that dries more quickly. These paints dissolve in water, but when the painting is done, they become water-resistant. Isn’t that an interesting fact? The majority of people’s hobby is painting with acrylics. Many artists utilize acrylic painting for facial features, moldings, and sculptures. Since acrylic paints can be removed with just water, cleaning the brushes after usage is simpler.

Texture paintings

We all love to see the brush strokes on a painting; it gives a dramatic final effect. Texture paintings are mostly used with oil paints, since while working with acrylic paints, the effects is lost when the acrylics dry up. But oil paints tend to be expensive, so as a substitute one can use acrylic impasto which works amazing on textures. Apart from regular paint brushes, flat knifes, blunt objects are used to create textured paintings.

Spray paintings

Typically, paint is applied using a spray bottle to get the desired effects. The majority of spray paints are used for graffiti, street art, wood, metal, glass, ceramics, and other surfaces. For a quicker turnout, spray painting is utilized to cover huge sections of canvas when a single pigment is needed.

Fabric paintings

Fabric painting is the art specialized to paint fabrics and it’s also the simplest way to print your own fabric. Fabric painting can be applied on any fabric, but fabrics like cotton and silk are easier to decorate. The 2 basic methods are coloring and patterning.

Wall painting

Wall paintings are usually created on a freshly created lime plaster. The color pigments are mixed water solution and directly applied on the lime plaster, thus creating a permanent painting. Wall paintings have been around since the renaissance period, one can view these paintings in the Vatican walls and ceilings.

Live paintings on you tube

Live painting is a form of visual performance art, in which artists complete a visual art piece in a public performance, often at a bar, music concert, wedding reception, or public event, accompanied by a DJ or live music. The artwork which is created live may be planned or improvisational. This the live art form is often contrasted with more studied fine art compositions from the same artists, which are generally executed in an artist studio or other private space. Two types live paintings i.e. Online and offline.


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