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Course Overview

Like in real life, the Play to Earn NFT Game course in Chandigarh allows users to buy, sell, and exchange virtual objects for real-world money. The Play to Earn NFT gaming course in Chandigarh, on the other hand, lets you take your winnings and spend them in other games or trade them with other players for cryptocurrencies. The rapid rise in popularity of these platforms has piqued the interest of gamers and non-gamers alike thanks to their cutting-edge design and lucrative potential. In this course, we will build a play-to-earn first-person shooter game that utilizes the blockchain. The player controls the main character with a standard joystick, and the goal is to eliminate all adversaries. The player’s character fires bullets as he walks around the map, and at the end of the match, his score determines how many crypto-coins he receives. If you’re looking for a new career path, the Play to Earn NFT Game Course in Chandigarh could be perfect for you. By playing the game and accumulating in-game assets represented as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), participants in a Play to Earn NFT gaming course in Chandigarh can earn real money or cryptocurrencies. As blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies become more widely used, the Play to Earn NFT game course in Chandigarh is anticipated to continue to rise in popularity as a novel method to make money while playing games.

Regarding the NFT Play to Win System

Gameplay based on the blockchain that awards players with cryptocurrencies or other digital assets for their time and effort is known as “play to earn NFT Game Course in Chandigarh” (non-fungible token). With this system, players have the opportunity to earn incentives that can be traded or sold for real-world currency, which encourages them to put in more time and effort when playing games.

Players of a play-to-earn NFT game earn NFTs on a blockchain in exchange for acquiring virtual items and content within the game, such as weapons, skins, and characters. Collectible and investable, these NFTs are backed by verifiable digital signatures that attest to their genuineness, ownership, and scarcity. Content of Play to Earn NFT Game Course in Chandigarh

Game Design Development – 3 Months

  • Digital Design
  • Vector Art for Games
  • Sound Editing
  • Game Design & Documentation
  • 3D Design & Modelling
  • Digital Sculpting
  • PBR Texturing Workflow
  • Look Development
  • Lighting & Rendering


Unity – 6 Months

  • Unity environment
  • Game project and define its structure
  • Game concept & Design
  • Learn to design gameplay systems
  • Create and test engaging game mechanics
  • Level design principles and practices
  • Worldbuilding, designing narrative
  • Storytelling for games
  • Create a 3D Game World with terrain
  • Using animation controllers & characters
  • Learn to apply audio and effects to your game
  • Learn to create game menus and other interface elements
  • Create sound and lighting effects
  • Shadows for your game
  • Game Revisions & Polish and Deploy
  • AR and VR Games & Mobile Games

NFt & p2e Game

  • FT Design with Adobe
  • Designing (animated) NFTs with Canva
  • Designing with 3D NFT
  • Create an ETH wallet using MetaMask
  • How to create (mint) your own NFTs with OpenSea
  • How to sell your NFTs on OpenSea
  • NFT Marketing
  • Create your own NFT using a leading NFT marketplace.
  • List and place your NFT up for sale.
  • Sharing your work: marketing strategy
  • Develop a First Person Shooter Play-to-Earn systematically, with the main character is controlled by a simple joystick and the objective is to shoot the enemies.
  • A simple joystick systematically, with the main character, controls play-to-Earn and the objective is to shoot the enemies.
  • Web3 are endless: dive into the play-to-earn genre, develop the videogame and code transactions.
  • As the character moves around, bullets are shot, and as the match is over, the player earns crypto coins based on his game performance.


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