Degree in Animation Film Making in Chandigarh

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Degree in Animation Film Making in Chandigarh

Degree in Animation Film Making in Chandigarh, The process of transforming one’s imagination into actuality is known as a “Degree in Animation & Filmmaking.” This discipline has experienced significant growth and gained considerable prominence in the contemporary professional sphere. The degree program at MetaMorph Academy is a degree in animation and filmmaking, which is a specialized, high-end specialization when considering the two disciplines. The certification awarded upon completion of the programmed quantity is associated with Chandigarh’s PTU (Punjab Technical University). Working out is conducted under the guidance of extensively trained experts with industry experience. Innovative education is provided by MetaMorph Academy, taking into account the requirements of passion and creative abilities. In reality, the course spans a period of thirty-six months. This training satisfies the requirements for 10th and 12th grade graduates, as well as those who have earned a degree or diploma. The apprentices are provided with valuable industrial experience, which ultimately contributes to their overall success as graduates of the academy.

Advanced 3D Animation Course In Chandigarh


  • Regional Language – I
  • English Language – I
  • Drawing concepts
  • Pre –Production
  • Digital Art & Design – Theory
  • Digital Art Design – Practical
  • Introduction to PC skills and Programming
  • Drawing with computer
  • Physical Education
  • Value Education


  • Regional Language – II
  • English Language – II
  • Advanced Photoshop & Texturing
  • Anatomy for Animation
  • Cel Animation – Practical
  • Principles of Animation, Media laws & ethics
  • Film Analysis
  • 2D Animation


  • Introduction to 3D Studio Max
  • 3D Modeling in Max
  • Shading & Texturing in Max
  • Lighting & camera techniques in Max
  • Videography


  • Introduction to Maya
  • 3D Modeling in Maya
  • Shading & texturing in Maya
  • Character setup & Rigging in Maya
  • Lighting & camera techniques in Maya
  • Introduction to MEL Scripting


  • Maya Effects, particles, dynamics & Rendering Techniques
  • Compositing
  • Editing & Sound for Animation
  • 3D Animation
  • Creating Demo Reel
  • Environment Studies
  • Special Effects for Animation Movies
  • What opportunities might it result in?


  • Script Writing & Story Board Designing
  • Realistic Concept of Animation & Special Effects
  • Director Basics
  • Portfolio Development / Project

Degree in Animation Film Making in Chandigarh

Degree in  Animation Film Making in Chandigarh, About this Animation degree in Chandigarh you will definitely develop strong creative and abilities which can be technical animation and its own allied topics. These skills are specifically tailored to help you discover the employment that is correct.  Institute of Advanced Animation Visual Media is a 3D Animation Training

Animation uses a mixture of technology, science, engineering, mathematics, design, art, and animation skills to produce action this is certainly realistic games. Aside from the entertainment industry, video game designers create interactive games when it comes to technology this is certainly mobile, education, marketing and advertising, website design, and lots of businesses.

There clearly was a scope this is certainly huge this field accessible to you upon graduating. Degree in Animation may cause a lifetime career such as myriad avenues when you look at the certain specified areas such as Concept Artist, Art director, Layout artist, Storyboard artist, Character modeler, BG modeler, Texturing artist, Animator, Technical director, VFX artist, Architectural designer, Comic book artist and many other things

we will take admission for any degree as per university present term and conditions and updates on the present date


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