MetaVerse Academy courses in Chandigarh

March 17, 2022

MetaVerse Academy courses in Chandigarh

Job oriented course in  3D Animation and Visual Effects, Film making & Direction

MetaVerse Academy courses in Chandigarh, Job-oriented course in  3D Animation and Visual Effects, Film making & Direction  Gain experience with traditional arts, animation, and cinematic, Virtual reality, skills in a professional, student environment.

Learn to create 3D art, animation, and visual effects for use in film, TV, games, and virtual reality at the Metaverse Academy’s Animation & Visual Effects Academy in Chandigarh, We are also given an insight of the latest AR, VR, and NFT Metaverse technologies. This course creates job-ready professionals who are recruited & hired by animation studios, graphic film production houses & gaming studios.

MetaVerse and NFT Game design courses in Chandigarh

Metaverse is one of the reputed and top 3D animation & Film Making academies in Chandigarh, India that has a legacy of educational excellence. We believe, that while technology 2022 offers new tools to create your visions, We are committed to creating successful professionals in the field of 3D Animation & Visual Effects, Game

Web Designing Institute in Chandigarh

Designs & Virtual reality, MetaVerse & Web 3.0, Film making & Direction,  NFT Designs & 3D Space, AR and VR, Music Production, Photography & Video Editing & Graphics Designing, Motion Graphics & Web Design. We provide a launchpad for aspiring artists and creative minds by developing their talent and giving them industry exposure.




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