HTML5 and CSS3 Course in Chandigarh

February 25, 2016

HTML5 and CSS3 Course in Chandigarh

Learn HTML5 CSS3 & JQUERY Single Page Website

HTML5 and CSS3 Course in Chandigarh, Make your own Single Page Scrolling Website course in Chandigarh from Scratch. Single page websites are really popular, in this program we explain to you simple tips to build one from Scratch. Most of the source files and resource links are included, and that means you too can create your own website because of the end for this course.

You start with a setup of a simple HTML5 web template. Next we add in a content that is few produce a shell to create the only page website on. Next we bring the given information to life using CSS3. Styling turns the html page into a styled webpage.JavaScript and Jquery are then used to create scrolling that is amazing. Using data through the DOM, and properly calculating the section sizes we explain to you tips that are simple create page scrolling with Jquery.

Most of the source files and resources are included to get started quickly. Build a website that is phenomenal just one hour.

HTML5 and CSS3 Course in Chandigarh

Bonus content – update the code to produce a website that is totally functional. Expand your practice and portfolio web page design. We turn the earlier menu into a totally functional header menu that is sticky.  Web designing training in Chandigarh. Add images and colors to produce the sample website, ready when it comes to life that is real. Ensure it is responsive and also it re-size and expand to match any screen.


Course Content

  • Learn to create a contact form
  • Learn how to apply JQUERY with HTML and CSS
  • Access and interact with the Document Object Model DOM
  • Add Bootstrap for styling
  • Use Awesome fonts for cool fonts
  • Create a scrolling single page website
  • Add jquery to create amazing effects to web pages
  • Use html5 and css3 to create a website
  • Build a website from scratch
  • Create nav bar menus
  • One Page Website Bonus Code Customization and Tweaks
  • Create responsive websites
  • Grow your portfolio
  • Use jquery within webpages


Course: Web Designing Training in Chandigarh
Duration: 3O – 45 Days, Digital Marketing Course Chandigarh
Morph Academy – Web Designing Academy in Chandigarh
S.C.O. 58-59, 2nd Floor, Sector 34-A, Chandigarh – 160022, India , +91 9815489999
Trainer: Rahul Verma (10+ Years Experience in Internet Marketing)