Top Animation Institute in Chandigarh

February 17, 2016


Animation Institute in Chandigarh

Animation Institute in Chandigarh, The multimedia and animation industry is moving at a pace that is fast. And learning about any of it may seem like a process that is never ending. Hence, this two year program strengthens your hands on the entertainment industry since it further prepares one to take the challenges on regarding the competitive field. Constituting of 4 Module, this program is perfect for a graduate in virtually any field with a desire for creativity. In order that they will always one step in front of others. Chandigarh has a wide range of animation institutes in the city and if you are looking to seek admission in one of the best animation course in Chandigarh

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 Software use for Animation

  • 3D Studio Max,   
  •  Autodesk Maya.

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  • Adobe After Effects,
  • Adobe Premiere,
  • Final Cut Pro & Sound Forge.


Module 1- Pre- Production for Animation

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  • Sketching and Illustration.
  • Orientation Module
  • Imaging concepts
  • Layout & Design
  • Still Life/Object Drawing.
  • Story Boarding.

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  • Background Design.
  • Character Design.
  • Drawing .
  • Creating Textures/Patterns.
  • Layout Design & Vector Illustration.


Module 2- Production for Animation

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  • 3D Modeling Basics and Work Flows.
  • Modeling Buildings.
  • Modeling Interiors, Exteriors.
  • Character Design & Modeling.
  • Understanding Textures & Materials.
  • Ray Tracing Algorithm.
  • Mechanical Rigging.
  • Character Rigging & Skinning.
  • Creating various Expressions/Moods.
  • Facial Rigging.
  • Understanding the importance of Mapping.
  • Learning Lighting Concepts.
  • Building physically accurate Lighting Rigs.
  • Modeling various objects used in Architectural Interiors & Exteriors.

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  • Inorganic Modeling.
  • Importance of 3-Point Lighting approach.
  • Learning about Direct & Indirect Lighting.
  • Rigging Concepts, Principles & Types
  • Pose to Pose Animations & Straight Ahead Approach.
  • Character animations.
  • Techniques and Development.
  • Creating Walk Cycles, Run Cycles etc.
  • Camera Animations Techniques.
  • Particles & Dynamics.
  • Soft & Rigid Body Dynamics.
  • Rendering still Frames & Animations.
  • Rendering various passes.


Module 3 – Post-Production

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  • Film Editing with Adobe Premiere Basics.
  • Editing in FCP.
  • Color Correction & Transitions.
  • Effects for Stills and Animations.
  • Rendering formats.
  • Sound Forge.
  • After Effects Interface & VFX.
  • Masking & Color Correction.
  • Basic & Advanced Color Keying.
  • Creating Time freezing effects for films

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  • Lights & Cameras in After Effects.
  • 3D in After Effects.
  • Camera Tracking Basics.
  • Grain Removal.
  • Removing Chroma and creating animated BGs.
  • Creating Action Movie Effects.
  • Rotoscopy & Wire Removal.
  • Motion Graphics, Logo Animations in After Effects
  • Advanced Particle effects & Ad film designs.
  • Merging 3D with Live Objects in animation.

[/vc_column_text][/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]A boom in the animation industry in India has boosted the career prospects and has encouraged many institutions to offer scholarships to talented individuals. Let’s take a tour of career in animation in India, animation software, skills and job profiles available for animators in India here. A boom in the animation industry in India has boosted the career prospects and has encouraged many institutions to offer scholarships to talented individuals


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