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Film Direction Course In Chandigarh

MetaMorph Academy‘s professional training in Films Making, ActingDirection, Cinematography and much more in media industry. The Film Direction course at MetaMorph Academy – Get Job Ready with latest courses in Animation, VFx & Gaming. Film School prepares the student in diverse aspects over a relatively short period of time.

This program places a strong emphasis on independent study, focusing on the creation of an ‘original’ screenplay and hands-on experience in filmmaking. In the acting course, the teacher takes on the role of a guide-by-the-side rather than a sage-on-the-stage. The curriculum is specifically tailored for Film Making, 3D Animation, and Visual Effects.

As part of their learning experience, students must immerse themselves in the process of writing an original screenplay and producing a film. The instructor acts as a guiding presence, aiding the learning process. The curriculum encourages students to study recommended cinema materials, assess a varied selection of films from around the world, and actively participate in city-related cultural events.

By participating in these diverse activities, students not only improve their practical filmmaking talents but also broaden their knowledge of the cinematic arts. The purpose is to provide a thorough grasp of the film industry through a combination of hands-on projects, academic study, and cultural discovery. This strategy strives to develop well-rounded individuals who are skilled in filmmaking, 3D animation, and visual effects.

Why you must shoot with a moving camera
When to move the camera 
Why all camera movement should be invisible
The three kinds of camera movement that are always invisible

  • How the look of 3 different lenses is the key to understanding all lenses
  • The three ways that lenses change the look of a shot
  1. Perspective
  2. Field of Vision
  3. Depth of Field

Shooting Action

  • The 3 key components to shooting action
  •  Put the camera in the right place
  • Breaking down your shots
  • Put the right lens on the camera
  • How lenses affect motion in the frame
  • Get the right number of pieces
  • How coverage heightens energy
  • How to shoot a chase
  • How to shoot a fight

Who is the target audience

  • Independent Filmmakers
  • Web series Directors
  • Television Directors
  • Film Students
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to move the camera to better tell the story
  • Cinematographers
  • Film Producers

How to move the camera – shoot the best moving master shot

  • The five tasks of a moving master:
  1. Establishes geography and believability
  2. Eliminate edits
  3. Generates eye candy
  4. Focuses the audience in the center of the drama
  5. Picks up coverage
  • How to customize the five tasks to each scene
  1. Examples: dailies from:
    1. Movies for TV
    2. Low budget features
  • Big budget features directed

Film Making Course in Chandigarh

Film Making course at MetaMorph Films Academy is specially designed for those students who want to learn film-making & direction, with all technical knowledge including Cinematography, Sound Recording & Sound Designing, Editing & Post Production – DI (Digital Intermediate) Other than theoretical & aesthetic inputs in Film Direction, we add something very important in the Film Making Course, which are – hands on, practical training in all the technical departments of Filmmaking.

While this story may resemble a common theme in many films, it reflects the real-life experiences of people who travel long distances in pursuit of their dreams in the enticing world of cinema and entertainment. Time has understood that success in this business involves more than just goals; it necessitates the optimal catalyst—a combination of vital abilities and a well-defined plan. This catalyst acts as a driving force, helping people through the complex and sometimes intimidating maze of the entertainment industry. Ultimately, it becomes the driving force behind their cinematic ambitions.

  • Film Wing
  • Direction & Screenplay Writing
  • Cinematography
  • Editing
  • Sound Recording & Sound Design
  • Art Direction & Production Design
  • Screen Acting
  • Screen Writing (Film, TV & Web Series)
  • Become a Professional Fashion Designer


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