A career in Animation after class 10th/12th: Complete Details

March 6, 2024
career in Animation after class 10th/12th

A Career In Animation After Class 10th/12th: Complete Details

Would you like to work in animation as a career? If so, the best time to begin preparing for it would be after your senior year of high school. Describe an animation course, please. Are you unsure whether to pursue a diploma or a bachelor’s degree in media graphics and animation? This subject, however, teaches us about movement and illusion through a technical and visual approach. It shows a fast-moving sequence of images. Tell us in detail how you can pursue a profession in animation following your tenth or twelfth grade year.

In India, an animation job can lead to a substantial income. As we enter the digital age, new career prospects become available. Animation is one of them. It provides the widest range of job opportunities. Additionally, students in any stream can enroll in animation classes following their completion of the 12th grade. It simply implies that students majoring in science, business, or the arts are eligible to take this course.

These days, animation is a very popular media. It is used in a variety of contexts, such as television shows, films, and advertisements. They greatly increase the industry’s need for qualified and experienced animators. Hollywood animated movies and Indian animated movies like Bal Hanuman and Bal Ganesha are two examples. To learn everything there is to know about the animation course, including eligibility requirements and job chances, you may read the entire article.

Animation Courses in India After 12th 

As adults, we have made a variety of decisions in our lives. For students, selecting the appropriate professional route is the most important choice. This begins as soon as they graduate from the twelfth grade. They have to make the right career decision. There are many different career opportunities available to students. To mold their career, they can go with their inclinations and hobbies. If pupils are interested in pursuing a career in animation or visual effects, they must talk about it after their 12th grade.

Eligibility for Animation Degree Programs

  • Applicants must get a minimum score of 50% in their 12th 

  • The student must have completed 10+2 from a recognized board in any subject – science, commerce, or the arts.

Certificate Courses After 12th 2024 

Students who wish to learn enough about animation to work in the area might enroll in certificate programs. The fifteen-month Specialization Program in 3D / VFX is one such course. While certificate programs are shorter than bachelor’s or diploma programs, certain employers may still hire certificate program graduates for internships. As their professional background grows

Animation Eligibility for Certificate Courses

  • Certificate courses are also available to students who have finished the tenth grade.

  • The duration of this course varies between 3-6 months, depending on the institute.

Animation Diploma Courses After 12th 2024

Additionally helpful to students who are unable to finish their graduate degrees are diploma courses. The period of the diploma is one year. But the institute decides how long the training will last. The length of time varies depending on the institute. A six-month diploma is even offered by some institutions. The cost of your animation diploma will change depending on the school you select.

Eligibility for Animation Diploma Courses

Students can apply for the following positions at Metamorph academy, a renowned animation VFX training facility in India.

  • A postgraduate course similar to the Master of Animation and Rigging.
  • Institutions such as IDC, IIT, and NID only admit graduates in architecture, technology, and engineering, thus others can’t learn about Metamorph architectural 3D courses.
  • A 12th grade diploma or its equivalent, such as the Expert Program in Graphic, Broadcast, and Social Media Design, is the minimum educational prerequisite for this course.
  • To continue graduate studies after graduation, ideally in the field of art.

How to Enroll in Animation Courses After 12th Grade?

The admission process for animation courses is really simple. throughout India. Animation schools provide a range of approaches, such as master’s, bachelor’s, and certificate programs.

  • A portfolio is an assortment of your artistic creations that can serve as a showcase for your abilities.

  • Even though different institutes follow different procedures, the general method is always the same.

  • As a prerequisite for admission, several schools demand that applicants present their artistic portfolios.

  • You need to initially focus on your college selections if you want to study animation.

  • After the 12th grade, several institutions give an animation admission exam to see if a student is prepared for a specific course.

  • In order to be admitted, you need to finish your 12th grade.

There isn’t a single entrance exam for studies in animation or graphics after the 12th grade. To make sure they can meet the requirements of the course, several upscale universities do, however, ask applicants to take an entrance exam prior to acceptance.

Career In Animation After Class 10th/12th: Complete Details

Animation courses fees for 2024 Animation Courses 

The course determines animation course fees beyond the 12th you have chosen.

  • Multimedia and graphic design services might cost anywhere from Rs. 30,000 and Rs. 1.4 lakh. You can pick up effective symbol, word, and letter communication skills here. In the media, you can also earn a respectable income.
  • 3D animation might cost anywhere between Rs. 65,000 and Rs. 2.5 lakh. Everything is covered, including pre- and post-production.
  • VFX might cost anything from Rs. 50,000 and Rs. 250,000. You can make superheroes and flying cars with this budget. who has gained notoriety in Bollywood and Hollywood in recent times.

After 12th grade, pursue an animation career

In the last ten years, students have begun to favor careers in animation. The growth of this profession in India is aided by the popularity of cartoons and animated movies. This has led to the tremendous growth of this industry.

Companies that invest a lot of money in their projects, such as film production companies and animation studios, need qualified workers to raise the caliber of the animation. India’s need for capable, imaginative, and creative workers consequently grows every. After receiving their degree, animators have two options: starting their own companies or working as independent contractors.

Stop motion techniques were employed by animators, however these days we also use 2D handwritten, 2D computer-generated, and 3D computer-generated approaches. As we can see, different methods have been used to make animations, including 2D and 3D computer-generated imagery. CGI has been used in movies, TV series, advertisements, animated pictures, and websites.

After 12th, the Best Job-Oriented Animation Course

3D Animation Diploma

Two semesters are included in the year-long Diploma in 3D Animation curriculum. Your talents in animation will increase with this training. Character development and conceptualization for cartoons and video games require these abilities. The visual arts and graphic design also make use of it. Furthermore, this course will raise your proficiency and skill level in computer animation.

Animation B.Sc.

Undergraduate animation programs are the most common choice for students who want to work in the field. It provides a six-semester, three-year degree program. Students are taught multimedia and animation both conceptually and practically. Motion graphics, visual effects, digital art, and 2D and 3D animation are all taught to B.Sc. animation students.


I hope the information above serves as a useful manual for you as you navigate different animation courses. The good news is that you can anticipate a nice wage in the future if you choose to pursue a profession in animation. At Metamorph, our goal is to support you in realizing your aspirations in the animation sector. After completing your 12th grade, you can select from a variety of courses offered by us for a specific education course.

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