How to be a Freelance Product Designer?

March 1, 2018


How to be a Freelance Product Designer?

A freelance product designer is a person who has the creative mindset and experience to create product designs for customers and various industries. These people work under the supervision of their employer and also for companies but a freelance product designer does not work for a company however he gets in contact with customers on his own. These people can choose the project designs they want to work on according to their skills, preferences and schedules.

An independent product designer must have a valid certification or title to undertake work in this field or client projects just like other product designers. The work duties are almost the same as those of a usual product designers and even the skills needed are also the same.[/vc_column_text][vc_row_inner el_id=”course_detail”][vc_column_inner][vc_column_text]

Skills Required to be a Freelance Product Designer

  • An independent product designer must have creative mindset in order to produce designs that are unique different from the others.
  • The person must have artistic inclination at the same time.
  • Good sales and marketing skills are also crucial skills that one must possess
  • Online networks and research capabilities are also required in order to build a solid network and investigate new design ideas.
  • Should be proactive and should have the skill and ability to sell the design of the product.
  • An excellent work ethic is also needed to retain clients and deliver work in the most satisfactory manner.
  • Good communication skills in order to deal with clients and to negotiate prices.
  • Computer skills to use various computer-based tools and software that are used for design.
  • Ability to try new bold designs and experiment with vivid and imaginative designs.

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Job Duties as a Freelance Product Designer

  • To produce convincing product designs based on the requirements of the customers and the specifications.
  • To get in touch with customers and take their opinion about the product.
  • Use computer aided design software or other tools to create powerful designs.
  • To find work using online platforms or other means, send proposals, create a solid CV and provide the estimated cost of the project.
  • Keep the customers updated on the primary sketches or designs of products.
  • To promote product design services by using a professional website.
  • To build a network of support service providers such as manufacturers, engineers, design groups etc.

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How to be successful as a Freelance Product Designer?

Some of the suggestions and tips to consider doing great in this field:

  • After completing the necessary educational qualifications in product design and completing the formal training process one can gain practical experience by joining an internship program in a company. This will provide the required exposure and help you to know the industry standards.
  • Be sure to compile your portfolio in such a way that it impresses customers. One can also include product prototype designs as samples to show your work at a glance. It is your portfolio that will help you stand out from other designers who try to impress the same client.
  • You need to create a social networking website or a professional website to show your designs, your CV, your profile and other details so that potential customers can see your work better.
  • Build a network of support people that can be useful during projects.


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