Career in Visual Effects

February 21, 2018


Career in Visual Effects

Career in Visual Effects, Are you surprised every time you see  Lord of the rings, Avatar, Life of Pi or Madagascar 3? Do you drop your jaw when you see how the apes act like human beings  in the Rise of the Planet of the Apes? The merit of the success of these films rests with the talented visual effects artists of India, who ensured that the VFX of these films was realistic and credible to the public.

The effects generated by computer are no longer only for futuristic and superhero movies. They are everywhere.  The visual effects (VFX)  requires hard work and great talent .

What does a Visual Effects Artist do?

Visual effects artists are responsible for inserting computer-generated animations and special effects into movies, effects that can not be added during live action filming. Specific technical knowledge is required to enter this field. A great example is when the green screen is used during the shots of the actors in a studio, and an exciting background is added later. They work to increase the excitement and realism of television shows, movies, commercials and other projects.

Career Prospects

  • Matchmoving artist: an artist of match movements works on the insertion of graphics generated by computer  into live action sequences and combines their movements into 3D. Its responsibility is ensuring that the animated objects once inserted into  live action footage should look perfect and match perfectly with the scene so that  the people viewing it believe that the graphic elements of the characters are real parts of the Live footage.
  • Roto artist: Rotoscopia is the process of altering film or video images one frame at a time. They are also responsible in tracking areas of live action frames where computer graphics  interact or overlap with live images.
  • Composer: composers are responsible for  film project or  final animation by combining  various layers of  the related material, including computer-rendered special effects, animation,  graphics, live action and 2D animation  . Composition artists can find work in video and film production studios, gaming companies, animation studios or advertising agencies.
  • Pre-vis artist: a pre-visual artists are  responsible for visualizing complicated scenes before actual filming. It is done through hand-drawn images or through the use of digital technology. Previewing helps the director in having the clear view of ​​the sequences and  final movements of the camera before actual production begins.


 Various Courses Available

Degree Courses

Graduate Degree in VFX and Animation

Duration: 2 years­­­

Masters Degree in VFX and Animation

Duration: 3 years

Diploma Courses

Diploma in Animation and VFX

Duration: 15 months

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