Career in Film Making in India

April 3, 2018
Career in Film Making in India

Career in Film Making in India

Career in Film Making in India These days the world is looking closely at Indian filmmakers and further they are not restricting themselves to just movies but also spreading into commercials, music videos, Newsreels and documentaries, all equally intense to produce and all aimed at different audiences. When the students are looking for a career in the Film Industry after 12th.

Skills and Eligibility Criteria

The technical courses require 10 + 2; others require graduation. There are diplomas, degrees and certificates in almost all specializations: cinematography, photography, direction, animation, acting etc. Preferred skills include responsibility, team ability, administrative skill, excellent communication, endurance and great visual sense.

Filmmaking jobs

  • Director: It is the right hand of the producer. It is he with whom most people will have to work. He will translate the vision of the producer. The choreography, the music, the costumes and the crew depend on him.
  • Producer: The main job of the producer is to make sure that everyone else is doing their thing. Choose the story, manage the resources, name the cast and crew, including the director, choose the locations, handle the legal formalities etc.
  • Editor: movies are made in a long and confusing mess. It is the task of the editor to put everything in sequence. He has to work very closely with the director and the producer to keep his visions true. He chooses what should be filmed again and what should be cut. He makes special effects and synchronizes the sound track.
  • Actor: The powers of empathy, mimicry and memory better serve the actor. Good physical attributes and charisma can only be learned to a certain degree, but grades in acting help to perfect skills.
  • Screenwriter: books and stories must be formatted for the screen; the screenwriter brings his creative and visual talents to translate between these media. A graduate of literature or anyone with creative writing skills can pick this up.
  • Cinematographer: working in close collaboration with the director, the director of photography compiles scenes for the visual impact. He decides lighting, camera angles, a job with high requirements of technical experience.
  • Animator: This, the creation of moving images, requires more formal tangible technical skills; cartoons, commercials, games, etc., everyone can use an animator. Graduates in fine arts, graphic design and animation design are perfect here.
  • Cameraman: is the right hand of the director of photograph. He must have a high technical command and a deep knowledge of the cameras.
  • Soundmen: A bachelor’s degree in audiography / Electronics with a bachelor’s degree in high school science helps a lot here: recording, dubbing, mixing sound and effects. And keeping all that synchronized with the video.
  • Lighting Operator / Technician: turning day into night or changing moods with only the change of color. This work requires high technical skill and experience.

A famous director has defined film making as, “The method of telling a story, or putting across an idea on a canvas that supports audio as well as visual matter”.   Film direction is an art in itself and there are lots of artists struggling irrespective of whether he is talented or not,what  you need is  top-notch contacts and be an opportunist.

It involves acting, directing, producing, script writing, cinematography, sound recording, visual mixing, editing and so on.

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