How to be a Freelance Graphic Designer

February 23, 2018


How to be a Freelance Graphic Designer

How to be a Freelance Graphic Designer, Are you planning to start an independent career? But not sure whether a graphic designer can become a freelancing professional? Well the answer is yes you can and can find success too. In fact freelancing is an excellent work option for graphic designers. Therefore, if you are planning about venturing into this field and also want to know how to start the career in it, then this article would be of great help to you.

What is Graphic Designing?

Graphic designing is the art of communicating views and ideas with visual and textual content. A graphic designer uses different fonts, colors, lines and other elements to create an amazing visual impression that is easily understandable.

Applications of Graphic Design

  • Corporate branding / identity
  • Online (blogs, banners, websites)
  • Packaging (everything from appliances to bottles)
  • Printing materials (brochures, books, newspapers, magazines)
  • Album covers and Greeting cards
  • Television and Film graphics and titles
  • Clothing and T-shirt designs


Duties of graphic designers

  • Meet with clients or the art director to determine the scope of a project
  • Create visual elements such as logos, original images and illustrations that help deliver a desired message
  • Use digital illustration, photo editing software and design software to create designs
  • Present design concepts to clients or art directors
  • Design designs and colors, images and fonts selected for use
  • Incorporate changes recommended by clients or art directors into the final designs
  • Review error designs before printing or publishing them


Skills Required

  • Artistic skill
  • Creativity
  • Computer skills
  • Good communication skills
  • Good visualization
  • Team spirit
  • Time management


Steps in starting a career as a Freelance Graphic Designer

  • Build a strong portfolio
  • Learn the skills and get enough guidance
  • Seek some help from social media and networks
  • Save enough money before launching the project as freelancer
  • The right information and tools are required such as a computer, a quiet or configured work environment, a high speed broadband connection, and most importantly a creative mind are the key elements for this job.
  • Try to form an association network to get abundant assistance
  • To be the most coveted freelance graphic designer, you must produce a work of excellent quality.


Courses Available

Certificate course in Graphic Design

Duration: 6 months

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