How To Be A Freelance Adobe Illustrator?

March 13, 2018

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How To Be A Freelance Adobe Illustrator?

The illustration is a field that has captivated the public for centuries. Adobe Illustration is one of the most recognizable jobs in the market. Adobe Illustrators create web designs and automation designs . As an adobe illustrator, there are many opportunities for you. Your reason for becoming an independent professional can be one of the attractions of good pay, the appeal of fame and a luxurious lifestyle.

Adobe Illustrator is a software primarily used for creating vector graphics. It was developed as a companion to Adobe Photoshop and works seamlessly with other Adobe Inc Creative Cloud apps such as InDesign and Premier Pro.

Adobe Illustrator makes it easy to incorporate typography into an image and because the software is vector-based, it scales so that text can look crisp and focused on both a phone screen and a billboard. The easy manipulation of graphics and fonts makes this app ideal for business marketing, particularly in the creation of logos, advertisements and website design.

Skills Required

  • Be artistic and creative
  • Be careful with the details
  • Organized
  • Being able to work well as a remote resource, in contact with senior editors, illustrators, directors and clients
  • Be interested in art and design, television and cinema
  • Extremely strong computer skills
  • Understanding Adobe Photoshop, as well as competing illustrator programs
  • Complete knowledge of aesthetic principles and design
  • Ability to work well in a team and communicate ideas clearly
  • Marketing skills


Job Duties

  • Understand the client’s needs and develop illustrations based on their concepts
  • Create storyboards that represent the script and narrative
  • Draw in 2D to create sketches and illustrations
  • Design of models, characters,backgrounds,  environment and objects
  • Using plaster, clay, watercolors, oil paints and acrylics
  • Meeting customer expectations and working in installments
  • Use of technical software packages, such as the Adobe package and other tools used by illustrators


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