Components of Web Site Design

May 5, 2016

Components of Web Site Design

A webpage showcases a image that is broad of company, Institution and a person. Motto of experiencing a webpage is always to bring when you look at the clients or customers with their website also to be connected with them. It is possible just with the web site design that is attractive. Web Design and content Plays an role that is important bringing the viewers towards the Page. The section that is key of site design is color, Typo and Fonts


Before proceeding with a design, it really is must to sketch the layout regarding the website. The layout is amply important since it decides on location navigation, Picture and Content Placement, Logo and Icon Placement, color Combination and more. The layout must be easy to certainly use.

Color Scheme.

Every color evokes emotions that are different meaning depending on the utilization of it. While choosing a color scheme, points to be taken into account are “where, when and just how the colors are used”. Following associated color scheme for the website is an advantage that is additional. Having color that is limited wise, as multi colors may distract the users. Using Logo color on a webpage helps in brand recall value.


Typography is an arrangement of content in a webpage. It provides style, colour and font of the writing. A font which is used when it comes to certanly content must be very easy to read. Fancy fonts might be tough to the users to therefore read through and they could skip it. Maintaining the exact color that is same font when it comes to body content in addition to titles are advisable. It seems more presentable.


One of several fundamentals of a beneficial website will be have relevant content. Content on a webpage should explain everything that your users wish to know. This can result in the user comfortable.  Having more unique content will fetch a high ranking in the search engines.


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